SELECT Worldwide All Star Radio Franchise

Music For Your Ears
From SELECT Worldwide All Star Radio To All Recording Artists,
Your music fits the worldwide format of our station.  Unsigned and
independent musicians get your songs played among the coolest major
artists on the planet and quickly make a big name for yourselves.
Please send a $2.00 U.S. membership posting fee by Paypal to Raymond Simmons AT Your airplay immediately begins.
The Simmons Company
P.O. Box 880761
San Francisco, California  94188-0761 U.S.A.
If you`re mailing a CD and $2.00 U.S. to us be sure to write `Artist` on
your package!
“Support the Artists
Live365 is an officially licensed ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange site.
This means that broadcasting on Live365 is 100% legal.
Whenever a listener hears a song on your station, Live365 pays royalties
to those artists.”
Subscribe for airplay AT

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